-To preach and teach generally to further the cause of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to advance the Christian faith in Uganda and all other nations
-To meet the worship of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the preaching and the teaching of the word of God.
-To further propagate the Christian faith in Uganda or elsewhere by the conduct of evangelism or by the establishment of further churches or missionary works with similar objectives.
-To render spiritual oversight care and assistance (whether material or otherwise) and such help as may be deemed appropriate to meet the needs of church members, those associated with the church and as far as practicable to all the persons everywhere.
-To make donations to assist, undertake the oversight of, or in any way co-operate with other churches organizations, societies or individuals having similar objectives.
-To establish a church training college or schools or other programs or institutions to equip men and women for effective Christian living and service.
-To be a co-operative fellowship of the Christian Community Churches International.
-To hold and conduct services at such times as will be convenient and ordain persons as ministers of the gospel and encourage ministry gifts in them.
-To construct places of worship offices, offices and other buildings for Christian functions. To solemnize holy marriages, according to laws of Uganda and biblical principles and to conduct Baptism services strictly for adults by immersion and dedication of infants.
-To train, ordain and to send co-ministry ministerial staff to serve in the nation and abroad.
-To raise leaders who will be agents of change and so enhance maturity in the church.
-To promote fellowship, cooperation, protection, recognition and propagation of the Christian gospel at home and abroad and for support of public worship.
-T o establish places of retreat for purposes of intercessory prayers and waiting upon the lord.
-To provide Spiritual support that enables members to excel in life and ministry by challenging them to live holy lives as part of the bride of Christ and keep heaven in constant view so that they will not be castaways after ministering to others.
-To purchase or take on lease or by other means acquire any movable or immovable property in Uganda or elsewhere or any estate of interest whatever, and any right, privileges, buildings, machinery engines, plant live or dead stock or things whatsoever.
-To collaborate and communicate sympathetically and religiously with other organizations in Uganda or abroad which may have similar objectives and in particular for further promoting the organization’s objectives and in particular for further promotion welfare of humanity and all of mankind.
-To apply and provide to any international body, government or authority, public organization, corporation, companies or person for and to accept grants of money or land, donations, gifts, subscriptions and other assistance with a view of promoting the objectives of the church and taking any gift or property which may be prescribed by the donor.
-The income and property whatsoever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the church.programs and activities that shall be developed time to time as set forth in this constitution and no portion there shall be paid, transferred directly by way of profit to the members of the church provided that nothing here is contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration to officials or members of the church in return for any services actually or otherwise rendered to the church.

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